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Scientific Proof? Best Zodiac Love Match for Scorpio Women …and Scorpio Men

Scientific Proof? Best Zodiac Love Match for Scorpio Women …and Scorpio Men

scientific compatibilityDebates on just what zodiac sign is the best Scorpio love match can last for hours, as laypeople recount their personal experiences and astrologers look at astrology elements and aspects.

Science and statistics are rarely available to offer measurable real life proof — unless you turn to the late author Gunter Sachs, a Scorpio who spent time researching successful relationships to see what zodiac sun sign combinations had endurance. You may be surprised and shocked at what he found (see below). In his book The Astrology File, Sachs uses statitstical analysis to demonstrate what zodiac signs Scorpio women and Scorpio men are most compatible with.

I vehemently disagree with his top three astrological love matches for Scorpio women as I find all three either wimpy, unreliable or too boring to satisfy the Scorpio woman who likes daring men with lots of testosterone. Gunter’s rankings for the zodiac signs most compatible with Scorpio men were more to my liking.

For what it’s worth, here are the longest-lasting relationships Gunter found after studying scores of real-life Scorpio love matches.

Do you agree or disagree? Please vote on your choice for the best love matches for Scorpio men and Scorpio women after Gunter’s rankings.

Scientific Study: From best to worst, the most compatible signs for the Scorpio FEMALE:

Pisces Male 1076

Gemini Male 1049

Virgo Male 1039

Taurus Male 1026

Scorpio Male 1016

Aries Male 999

Leo Male 979

Capricorn Male 973

Sagittarius Male 971

Cancer Male 961

Libra Male 958

Aquarius Male 953


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Scientific Study: From best to worst, the most compatible signs for the Scorpio MALE:

Cancer Female 1038

Leo Female 1032

Capricorn Female 1031

Libra Female 1026

Virgo Female 1023

Scorpio Female 1016

Aquarius Female 1003

Sagittarius Female 988

Aries Female 975

Gemini Female 966

Pisces Female 965

Taurus Female 954


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Interestingly, Gunter Sachs was married to an Aquarius, which is only the 7th best match, and  a Libra (model/actress Bridget Bardot) who ranks as just fourth on his list for male Scorpios. He also had romances with Cancer.

I’m not sure one can rely on statistics to determine best zodiac matches for Scorpio, since love may first find comfort in a certain sun sign but needs favor from Venus, the 7th house, the moon and a few other factors in order to last.


At the top of my own List? My #1 zodiac match for Scorpio is Cancer by far, followed by Leo, Aries, and Capricorn.


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Synthia L. Rose

Synthia L. Rose is a 9th house Scorpio with a four-planet stellium in Sagittarius. She has more than 10 years of experience as a professional journalist and six years of experience as a professional blogger. An ardent student of astrology, she has studied intuitive astrology since 2008. Synthia is obsessed with penning blogs that examine Scorpio's mystique, Plutonic personalities and the risqué, taboo 8th house life.