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The Social Scorpio: All About Scorpio Tribes  & Scorpio Anti-Social Behavior

The Social Scorpio: All About Scorpio Tribes & Scorpio Anti-Social Behavior

Do Scorpios Have Poor Social IQ?   Ever watched the evening news and felt the description of a sociopath sounded strangely in sync with all the Scorpio profiles you’ve read?  Loner. Didn’t Like Being Around People. Depressive Tendencies. Rejected Social Norms. Highly Intelligent. Defiant.  Secretive.   Ever invited a Scorpio to a party only to have them ignore your invitation or show up only to NOT socialize with people, but sit in a corner, scoffing and glaring at all the trivial banter and games?  Prototypical Scorpios are not social butterflies and will rarely be the darlings of the social circuit. Air signs know how to work a room. Libras can flatter and schmooze like nobody’s business. Aquarius, the master of networking, can make friends anywhere. Geminis put people at ease with their flirting and endless repartee.  However, Scorpio is often thought of as the social misfit of the Zodiac. Scorpios who lack air energy may not respect social cues or participate in standard or expected social behavior at all....

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5 Ways to Get De-Friended by a Scorpio

5 Ways to Get De-Friended by a Scorpio

You may have heard of Xtreme Sports where participants practice daredevil feats with little protection, great courage and great pain. You have? Fabulous. Now you know what it’s like to ride or die with a Scorpio. Let’s call it Xtreme bonding. There are NO casual relationships to Scorpios. Palling around with a Scorpio is like a boxer taking off his gloves and going bare fisted in a cage with a mixed martial artist. It is raw. It is intense. It can be ugly. There will be combats. You will bleed. But you will also love the rush of adrenaline. (Or at least they will.) Scorpio is associated with the 8th house of the Other, which is all about intimacy and intense relating. They are devoted to finding meaningful connections whether completely platonic, romantic or in between. Not everyone gets to be a friend of a Scorpio because they are extremely distrustful. They observe a world filled with superficiality and materialism and are doubtful (and scared) that few will share...

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