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Scorpio Riser Edgar Allan Poe marks 200th Birthday (Pluto magnified in Pisces Stellium)

Scorpio Riser Edgar Allan Poe marks 200th Birthday (Pluto magnified in Pisces Stellium)

(Originally written January 2009) As a child, I loved Edgar Allan Poe as a kindred. His dark, intensely emotional and eerie stories made him seemed distinctly Scorpionic. While not a Scorpio Sun, Poe has his Ascendant in the 3rd degree of Scorpio, giving him Scorpio reflexes and attitudes in his worldly interactions.

With Scorpio on his first house, the house of self-expression, the melancholic, the intense, the taboo, the macabre, and paranormal are all on display in his biography, his short stories and poetry, and even his incestuously taboo marriage to his 13-year-old cousin. This Ascendant placement also saw him self-destroying and resurrecting his career and livelihood in various incarnations time and time again.

From “The Raven” and “The Cask of Amontillado” to “The Masque of Red Death” and “The Telltale Heart,” Scorpio energy throughout his chart allowed Poe to tap into deep human fears and pour dark psychology all over his published pages.

Way more than Stephen King, I think Poe was able to rattle to the bone and seemed to have an extreme occultic relationship with the Universe. His Uranus was in the sign of Scorpio, which governs the paranormal, and he likely was able to tune into background chatter in other dimensions.

Poe also had Pluto conjunct his moon and Venus, another strong Scorpio influence, which intensified his emotions and sense of tragic romantic which are so beautifully realized in his writings. The mortifying love lost tale of “Annabel Lee” was one of the first love stories I ever obsessed over as a Pluto-haunted child. I had the poem memorized and cried to it many a night before I ever even knew what love was.

He also had Pluto conjunct Jupiter, which marked his talent and natural skill in Pluto interests, so it’s no surprise that his writings are remarkably elegant, potent, and exceptional (Jupiter) as they deal with raw, ugly, and torturous underground of human feeling (Pluto). He makes the dark, light and the evil, telling and redemptive — which is also an achievement of optimistic Jupiter’s link.

With Jupiter being a planet of higher thought and spirituality, we see a repeat of Edgar’s ability to tune into the other dimension — one of Heaven, not necessarily of Hell as one might suspect. Pluto and Jupiter are the archetypes of Heaven and hell in a sense and Poe’s thoughts and tales are so rich because there is this balance — this war between good and evil…within the characters’ psyches. This is why his most famous character dug up the beating heart he’d buried, exposing himself to police, unable to handle his own trangression against good.

In his writings great pain and loss travel alongside great blessing and joy (heaven/hell).

Poe’s Pluto, Jupiter, Venus and the Moon were all in close conjunction as part of a four planet stellium in the mystical sign of Pisces (great, enhancing placement!) What an otherwordly brew the Universe formulated in him and we readers are all the better for it.

With a Scorpio Rising and his Pluto-Moon influence, its no wonder he had a bit of the Plutonic obsession. He was an alcoholic and an opiate drug user. Many think he drank himself to death.

He was haunted for sure by being an orphan — his parents died while he as a child, which is not surprising since Pluto was in his fourth house of family, which suggests some sort of home life deprivation. The death of his wife after two years of marriage also likely took it’s toll on his heart. Capricorns can be depressive enough, but all the Scorpio influence, certainly he absorbed depression on an extreme level.

He died October 7, 1809 at age 40. No one knows how. Did he commit suicide? Did alcohol kill him? Heartache? Was it tuberculosis? Did he, since he was found delirious in the streets before dying, go crazy? In 1996, an autopsy was done suggesting he died of rabies — but even that was inconclusive. Pluto keeps his death shrouded in mystery.

Strangely when he died, his Uranus, Pluto, Saturn, and Neptune were all lined up with their transiting counterparts. Uranus conjunct Uranus and Pluto conjunct Pluto transits certainly are filled with change and destruction, and with Pluto possibly hidden disease. Transiting Saturn conjunct Saturn creates mid-life crisis. Neptune conjunct Neptune transits can lock one within the privacy of their own minds and rabid imaginations/obsessions.

© Synthia Rose & Scorpioland, January 2009

© 2009, Synthia L. Rose. All rights reserved.

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Synthia L. Rose

Synthia L. Rose is a 9th house Scorpio with a four-planet stellium in Sagittarius. She has more than 10 years of experience as a professional journalist and six years of experience as a professional blogger. An ardent student of astrology, she has studied intuitive astrology since 2008. Synthia is obsessed with penning blogs that examine Scorpio's mystique, Plutonic personalities and the risqué, taboo 8th house life.