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Scorpio Tip #25: Why is my Scorpio having mood swings?

Scorpio Tip #25: Why is my Scorpio having mood swings?


The emotional drama of Scorpio is one of the most exasperating Scorpio traits.

The Scorpio often thinks if a lover is really in sync with them, they will simply figure out what’s wrong.

So, use your intuition or go gingerly to Scorpio and ask what’s bothering them.

Don’t apologize just yet –  that won’t cheer them up unless you specify what you’re apologizing for. Scorpios easily get emotionally wounded. Maybe you ignored them, flirted with someone else, didn’t want to have sex enough, or dismissed their other needs in some way.

The disappearing act might be paired with a  volatile dramatic ending of the relationship where they tell you the relationship is over if you didn’t soothe them soon enough. Generally these dramatic endings are meant to say “I am hurt. Come get me and comprehend the reason. Please promise never to do it again.

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