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Red Scorpion on white Seeks Writers & Scorpio Experts is looking for witty, introspective correspondents to contribute one or two articles per month on the Scorpio lifestyle.

Writers should be Scorpios and possess good grammar skills and a knowledge of both Scorpio astrology and general astrology. (All signs will be considered, however.) Journalism and blogging experience would be wonderful, but are NOT necessary; the most important factor is that writers have lots of personality and possess a natural flair for writing engaging and colorful material.

Topics will include Scorpio dating tips, Scorpio advice and general Scorpio/Pluto/8th House articles. Submissions must be original and unique, averaging 400 to 600 words (Tips can be shorter); they cannot be republished elsewhere.

If interested, send an email to If possible, please include a link to a piece of writing you’ve done and let me know what you’d like to write about.

Compensation: SCORPIO LAND cannot pay you money for your contributions at this time. However, writing here  will be fun and a way to get thoughts about Scorpios off your chest.

– Synthia,