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The Scorpion

Scorpio, the 8th sign of the Zodiac, is represented mainly by the Scorpion, although the eagle and snake are secondary emblems of Scorpionic power.

By studying the Scorpio, you can glean a lot about Scorpio nature. In nearly all aspects of its life, the Scorpion reveals something special about the essence of the Astrology sign it symbolizes.

Unpredictable and Defying Expectation.

The Scorpion is an arachnid, which would lead to you believe it’s an insect, right? Well, you’d be wrong. Scorpions are born defying expectation. They are hard to classify.

Insects are born from eggs laid by the mother. Not so with Scorpions, who are born live after gestating the whole time in the maternal womb.

A Born Lover of Intimacy

Guess what a scorpion does immediately after being born? They climb onto the backs of their mothers and cling. Isnt’ that sweet? Like these arachnids, sun sign Scorpios like to be close to the ones they love, and will stick like glue until they outgrown them or feel betrayed.

A Stickler for Independence and Transformation
Scorpions are born in a brood of dozens, but living in a group lasts only briefly. After shedding it’s skin, the scorpion then goes off to live alone, merging with others only to mate. (Sound familiar?). I know it sounds contradictory to suggest that scorpionic energy is both clingy and independent; they need few others except the beloved with whom they hope to mate for life.

A Horny Little Beast

Most animals have a designated mating season. Not so with the Scorpion. The scorpion mates in spring, summer AND fall.

Sneaky Bastards
Scorpions do not navigate the world openly. They hide under rocks, seek the camouflage of debris and nest under wood boards. Futhermore, they do not explore the world in the daytime, only at night. Similarly, Scorpios are masters of subterfuge and mystery. They play their cards close to the vest, keeping intentions private. Yes, I guess that’s the better word: privacy — not sneakiness.

Scoprios are night-lovers just like the scorpion. I know several who are actually night owls. In addition to being nocturnal, Scorpios really they embrace the figurative night: the darkness and shadow side of humanity. Tendencies and traits from the primal and taboo side of life attracts them, although others are repelled by such.


Scorpions have two main weapons: their stinger and their pinchers. When the scorpion sees something it wants, it possesses it tenanciously by clutching the object of desire or prey in its claws. A Scorpio is just as aggressive and unrelenting.

If surprised and disturbed in any way, the scorpion is quick with the stinger, an appendage used to inject venom into predators and enemies. Sometimes the poison is deadly, sometimes not.

This tendency reflect’s the Scorpio’s sensitive, easily offended nature. Rather than sit wounded, they often strike out with a sting, which can be an insult, a fight, or a severing of a relationship.

Can Scorpions really sting themselves to death?

“The sublimity of suicide is proper to the scorpion alone.”  — quote from the Literary Magazine “The Atlantic Monthly,” Vol. 1.

The myth that scorpions sting themselves to death remains unsubstantiated, but I have no doubt that the Scorpio’s need for dishing out revenge and retribution often comes at a cost to self that may include self-destruction.