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Sonny detonates Cher: the Pent-Up Energy of Intercepted Houses, Trapped Signs

Sonny detonates Cher: the Pent-Up Energy of Intercepted Houses, Trapped Signs

Like Cher, Ayn Rand, & Oprah, I have a pair of interlopers in my chart.

Interloping signs — ones that invade territories ruled by others signs with an attempt to hijack them. I confess I have a special love for these  signs and the desperate desires to which they drive me.

Astrologically & formally speaking, I’m referring to intercepted signs, signs that are not on the cusp of a house and have no house of their own to rule. Instead they begin and end in a house ruled by the previous sign.

The belief in astrology is that the energy of such signs is very hard to access because the lack of a cusp is like the lack of a doorway to the sign.

They occur in opposing pairs: Cancer-Capricorn, Libra-Aries, etc. Look at your chart and see if you have a sign squashed completely inside of one house with no cusp of its own to rule.

It will be very important to you. And will greatly define your life. In my opinion, these signs create a life long rivalry with the cusp sign, always trying to take over the house and see who REALLY rules it. The result is a heightened response to this energy &, I have found, an unstoppable need to display it.

Scorpio is an intercepted sign for Cher in the exhibitionist fifth house. And her sexual provocativeness, erotic costumes, and sometimes gothic aura are very pronounced. Would you believe constant crier Oprah, a native of the sign Aquarius known for its aloof emotions, has sensitive Cancer as an intercepted sign. Cancer is  intercepted in  her 7th house of one-on-one relationships, merging Aquarius drive to help the world with an sentimental concern for intimate bonds. She’s become a personal therapist to the world. That’s how she nurtures. It’s a signature for her.

The opposite sign, Capricorn, which rules money, status, and power is also intercepted for this rich media mogul. It’s sandwiched in her first house of self-expression and boy does has she gone overboard to merging and accessing that. Harpo Productions (oprah spelled backward) has it’s own studios, TV network, radio station, etc. She puts her own face (self-expression) on all her magazines.

Philosopher Ayn Rand had the sign of higher thought and philosophy — Sagittarius — unavailable to her as an intercepted sign. That is all just just pure cosmic comedy to me.

Or is it? Sometimes I think the intercepted sign is cosmic strategy to ensure these energies cry out for our attention.

The tension creates a personality that unmistakably carries the signature of the interceptions. Cher has her sun in Taurus as well as her Mercury, which governs the way she thinks and fashions ideas. Yet Taurus, so meaningful to her, is her second intercepted sign. It is inaccessible and closed off in the 11th house, the house of the world-at-large.

Must be scary to have the sign ruling your very ego trapped inside a house and hard to express. So it’s no wonder that if you research Cher or watch old interviews, you’ll see she was shy and introverted early in her career. Anyone would be if their ego was trapped.

Intercepted signs don’t start out being expressed. Something triggers them. It might be a circumstance you’re born in to that forces you to unleash this energy, it might be a person you meet, but there’s some powerful trigger.

In my experience, the energy of intercepted signs boil like contents in a pressure cooker, waiting desperately for someone able to pop the lid. No. It’s more like a ticking bomb waiting for someone to come detonate it. The force and the need to be unleashed is that strong.

Enter Sonny Bono.

Not everyone can pop the lid. But someone with key energy in the intercepted sign, intercepted house, or duplicated house ,can liberate that trapped energy quite easily.
It’s like a key that unlocks the trapped energy.

I know. I have Aquarius intercepted in my first house of self-expression and Leo intercepted in my 7th house of partnerships and love. An Aqua can perceive and coax out my unconventional ideas better than others and I gravitate toward them because of it (my love for Aqua Ayn Rand is part of that). In love, I think I’m dramatic and fun and risque. However, ask some of my past boyfriends and they might think that description is bit overblown. I can’t access that part of me for them; even when I try, it’s muted. But ask my ex-Leo and he’ll exaggerate tales of me … if a Leo is around my drama and daring awakens … I vibe off them and unleash with them in one-on-one activity (7th house) like no one else. The direct energy of the intercepting signs is a definite key for me.

Now, back to Cher and the other type of key — duplicated houses: If you have 2 intercepting signs who rule no houses, then you also have a pair of signs that do double duty and rule 2 houses. Those are the duplicated signs.

What are Cher’s duplicated signs? Aquarius and Leo. She cosmically attracts her key — Bono — an Aquarius Sun with a Leo Moon. Can this get any better? Well, remarkably in her case, yes.

Overlap their charts: Bono’s sun sign lands in Cher’s 8th house — the house associated with
Scorpio, one of her trapped signs. So, he lights up and liberates this sexual realm for her. (Thank you Sonny for making the ass-out costumes possible).

Also, his Leo Moon…where is it? It falls in her 2nd house — a house that’s linked to Taurus, her other repressed sign. He emotionally gets the trapped Taurus nature in her and can subconsciously commune with it and give her a sense of kinship and release.
Furthermore, it’s mind-boggling that Cher’s Taurus sun and mercury lie trapped in the 11th house which is ruled by Aquarius, Bono’s sun sign. In further coordination, her Scorpio sign is trapped in the fifth house, naturally ruled by Leo, his moon sign. Could they be better soul mates?

The Cosmic Powers That Be truly calibrated these two for one another.

That’s fucking perfect.
Kudos to fate and destiny. Because really, look at them. Who would put these two together? On his death bed, she called him her “most unforgettable character.” I’m sure he was. He was her detonator.

A blend of energy

To be honest. I frequently deny the cusp signs of Capricorn and Cancer. I outright say my first house is influenced by Aquarius and my 7th by Leo. That’s how urgent the trapped energy is for me. But the reality is the intercepted house will carry a blend of both signs: the cusp and the intercepting ones, no matter how contradictory.

I first discovered this in 2000 before I started exploring astrology. There were many events that revealed that people couldn’t pick up on energy I thought I was displaying. It was very disconcerting.

With Aquarius trapped in the first house, I have always seen myself as unconventional and avant garde. But because Aquarius is “hidden” or intercepted, apparently few others can see this with me using a foghorn to emphasize it. Instead they see my Capricorn ascendant which is the legitimate ruler of the first house.

I first became aware of this in June 2000 when I was on a flight to Minneapolis for a celebration at rock musician Prince’s Paisley Park studio home. He had just reclaimed his name and invited fans from around the world to celebrate the week of his birthday with him. I made the pilgrimmage. On the plane, I sat beside a businessman — me in my Capricorn business suit — and enthused about my kinship with Prince. I discussed how he was counter-culture and free and inspired me to be myself when I was growing up, and how he preached non-conformity, etc, etc.

At the end of the flight, the gentleman turned to me and said “I don’t know why you like Prince so much. You are nothing like him.”

Man did that hurt my feelings. I had NO idea what he was talking about — and I was offended. I stared at him confounded. Did I just spend hours explaining my eccentricity?! What an insult! I’m not a divergent?! What does he mean? I swear I was clueless. But apparently I gave off really traditional, formal, and straitjacketed energy.

Years later, I was at a dinner table discussing my loathing for the Establishment, and a snooty know-it-all nearby smirked and said “Really. I would think you are the establishment.”

Now that I understand my chart, I see that my Capricorn rulership of my first house will always eclipse my secret sense of Aquarius influence there. All this makes my eccentric identity even more intense and urgent for me to get out. I live for the day I can be fully detonated.

© 2009, Synthia L. Rose. All rights reserved.

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Synthia L. Rose

Synthia L. Rose is a 9th house Scorpio with a four-planet stellium in Sagittarius. She has more than 10 years of experience as a professional journalist and six years of experience as a professional blogger. An ardent student of astrology, she has studied intuitive astrology since 2008. Synthia is obsessed with penning blogs that examine Scorpio's mystique, Plutonic personalities and the risqué, taboo 8th house life.